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Layout planning of your print shop
- digital und analogue -
screen printing and offset printing

Needs analysis and technical recommendation of
presses and auxiliary equipment

Neutral consultancy

On site support in dealings and negotiations
with manufacturers and suppliers

Turn-key project management

Tailor-made standardisation of four colour
half tone separations, press finger printing

Reflection and transmission densitometry
for half tone printing for quality assurance

Approval runs of new equipment

Four-colour haIf tone printing onto paper stock
posters and Citylights with solvent based inks

Four-colour half tone printing, large format graphics
onto film with solvent based inks

Four-colour half tone printing onto paperstock with UV inks

Four-colour half tone printing of multiple panel
graphics onto film with UV inks

3M screen printing ink systems,
9700 UV and 1900 solvent based

Line ink and half tone ink printing onto T-shirts

Direct projection of screen printing stencils
and offset plates and standardisation
of separations for projection systems

Computer to screen

Pinhole registration and set up systems for
die cutting and kiss cutting of film,
paper, soft PVC and cardboard

Label printing onto film and paper stock,
screen printing and flexo printing

Application training on PVC films